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  • Divorce
    Within any dissolution of marriage action there are various issues which must be either litigated or negotiated between the parties. Each case must be reviewed independently and handled on an individual basis. Issues such as custody, child support, visitation, health insurance, property distribution, alimony, the marital home, domestic violence, debt division and others may arise in any particular dissolution of marriage and must be resolved either by the Court or the parties.
  • Paternity
    Actions for paternity are filed in order to establish the legal father of a child and to determine related issues such as child support and parental timesharing with the child.  An action for paternity may be filed by the mother OR by the father.  The parentage of a child may be proven with DNA testing; however, the legal paternity of the child may be very complicated if the child’s mother was married to another man at the time of the conception or birth of the child.  Once paternity is legally established, child support and parental contact with the child will be legally established and can be enforced.
  • Custody and Support
    If the child’s paternity has been legally established, either the mother OR the father may seek an order formalized their rights to parental timesharing with their child and establishing or enforcing a child support obligation.  Sometimes, the children will be in the custody of another person, such as a grandparent, and this arrangement may be formalized in a court order as well.
  • Adoption

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